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“Grizzly” turned me into quite the bear this morning. In fact, I felt compelled to write to the “compiler.”

Here is the story now:

I’d like to think someone changed it because of me.* But my buddy Arek did not reply, so I don’t know for sure.

It doesn’t matter, really. I’ll keep on defending the English language’s honor, one heterograph at a time.

*Note for Rachael and Deanne: No one fixed the hyphen or modifier issues, though.


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Yes, I know I just posted an entry last night, but I had to post again. Please feast your eyes upon this:

Grizzly? Seriously? They think a bear attacked the man?

No. They meant “grisly.” Come ON!

The good folks at the Savannah Morning News should be ashamed. It appears Arek Sarkissian II compiled the information for the article. I seem to recall he also enjoys putting in an ampersand in the college’s name.

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